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AVAILABLE NOW! Identity and Anonymity

Copies of "Identity & Anonymity - An Artful Anthology" are $24.95 each plus postage ($3.09 for media mail or $5.75 for Priority Mail). Select your shipping preference and then click "Buy Now" button.

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Contributors to the Anthology include: Alyta Felice Adams, Anonymous, Loel Ann Barr, Leslie Anne Boldt, John Everett Branch. Jr., Elizabeth Burk, Catherine Cabeen, Susannah Campbell. Judy Chicago, Peter Coyote, Molly Crabapple, Richard B. Dalton, Martin Dominguez Ball, Leslie Fandrich, Claire Gilliam, Madelyn Greco, Greg Gross, The Guerrilla Girls, Joan Hall, Janet Hamill, Anne Hanson, David Horton, Maria Hartmann Kastan, Thomas Milton Kemnitz, Joy Kreves, Daniel Mack, Gennielynn Martin, Andrew Marvick, Ian Milliss, Carol Ohmart-Behan, Jessica N. Pabón, Mary Ann Bennet Rosberg, Cody Rounds, William Seaton, Robyn Stout Sheridan, Frank Shuback, Deborah K. Snider, Steven M. Specht, Loren Talbot, Ambika Talwar, Vincent Tavani, Hank Whittemore, & Jonathan Talbot (editor).